Denis Cotter

chef, writer, restaurateur

As founder of Cafe Paradiso restaurant in Cork, Ireland, and author of four cookbooks, Denis Cotter is recognised as the creator of a highly acclaimed, original and unique style of meat-free cuisine. He has won awards for both his restaurant and his writing, both of which have reflected a recognition of his cuisine’s relevance to more than a ‘vegetarian’ audience.

Denis is also an experienced cookery teacher, with appearances in many of the leading cookery schools in Ireland, as well as the UK and Canada.

Media appearances include an episode of the Guerrilla Gourmet series and a feature on the Bobby Flay Food Network special on Ireland in 2011, as well as radio and magazine work.


Opened in 1993, Paradiso quickly developed a reputation for Denis Cotter’s inventive and celebratory style of vegetable-based cuisine. Developing a close working relationship with local growers and cheesemakers, the restaurant combines this ingredient provenance with a mature cuisine focused on intensity and complexity of flavour. The restaurant has won numerous awards and accolades, many of which reflect its place in the wider general food culture rather than as one attractive exclusively to vegetarians.

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Denis Cotter is the author of four cookbooks, ranging from restaurant recipe collections to imaginative domestic cooking, via an evocative foray into food writing. Each has received critical acclaim, shortlist nominations and industry awards, including ‘best vegetarian cookbook in the world’ for the second volume, Paradiso Seasons.

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Consultancy, Teaching & Events

Denis’ consultancy work focuses on helping restaurants and hotels, such as Luxury Family Hotels in the UK, to achieve vegetarian dishes of the same standard and presentation as the rest of the menu. This is achieved by working with the kitchen team to combine their presentation styles with Denis’ recipes and flavor construction.

Denis is an experienced cookery teacher, having taught classes and given demonstrations in many leading Irish cookery schools including Ballymaloe, The Tannery, Donnybrook Fair, Dublin Cookery School, Avoca. In May 2013, he presented a talk on his food writing at the first Ballymaloe Literary Food Festival

In Canada, he has presented workshops and demonstrations at The Stratford Chef School, Jills’ Kitchen in London, Ontario, Savour Stratford Food Festival and at Brickworks in Toronto. He has also participated in the 6×6 event at Huff Winery, and hosted guest menus at the Hastings Hotel on Salt Spring Island and The Prune restaurant in Stratford.


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